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About Us

Welcome to the World of Christina Addison Fine Jewelry:

A Celebration of Personal Style

Christina Addison’s
 jewelry is a Celebration of Personal Style and can be customized for each clientThe collections are truly joyous and feminine with and underlying confidence. Luxurious materials, brilliant colors, textures, and scale combine to create design at its most sophisticated. Fine Jewelry for elegant, powerful, and beautiful woman.

Christina Addison
 grew up in New York City, and developed her love of jewelry from her grandmother, a collector of beautiful jewelry and personal client of Harry Winston. As a young girl, she pored through jewelry auction catalogs and attended fine jewelry auction previews, cultivating her interest in colored stones, exceptional quality, proportions, scale and texture. Most importantly, she developed her creative sense of style and fun.
Christina’s professional Jewelry Design background focused on Luxury Goods and exquisite style. Christina’s career began as a Fine Jewelry Buyer for Bergdorf Goodman. She then went on to the pre-eminent house of style, Chanel, Inc. as the U.S. buyer for the launch of Chanel Fine Jewelry. From there she moved to the arbiter of design integrity and quality, Sotheby's, to introduce online auctions for jewelry and watches for and then to direct Sotheby's Salon Prive, their Fine Jewelry Private sales initiative.
Christina began designing a colored stone jewelry collection for herself and a few select friends in 1999, and soon thereafter was in demand by private clients, socialites, celebrities, and style icons.